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Product Number Description
IMHSS02 Hydraulic Servo Module
IMHSS03 Hydraulic Servo Module
IMMFC03 Enhanced Multifunction Controller
IMMFC04 Multifunction Controller
IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller
IMMFP01 Multifunction Processor
IMMFP02 Multifunction Processor
IMMFP03 Multifunction Processor
IMMFP03B Multifunction Processor
IMMFP11 Multifunction Processor
IMMFP12 Multifunction Processor Module
IMMPI01 Multifunction Processor Interface
IMMPI02 Multifunction Processor Interface
IMPCC01 Programmable Controller Coupler
IMQRS02 Quick Response Input Output Module
IMQRS22 Quick Response Input Output Module
IMRIO02 Remote Input Output Slave Module
IMSED01 Sequence of Event Digital Input Module
IMSET01 Sequence of Event Time Keeper Module
IMSPM01 Serial Port Module
INBIM02 Bus Interface Module
INBTM01 Bus Transfer Module
INDDM01 Disk Drive Module
INICT01 Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT03 Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module


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