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AB Programmable Controllers Solutions that are the Industry Standard Allen Bradley controls are the standard from the PLC designed 30 years ago to the more current technology of rugged, scalable Programmable Automation Controllers.


Product Number Description
1771-P6R AB Power Supply ,Renund., Slot, 8A, 220V AC 1771P 1771P6
1771-P6S AB Power Supply, One Slot, 8A, 220V AC 1771P 1771P6
1771-P6S1 AB Power Supply, One Slot, 8A,220V AC 1771P 1771P6 1771P6S
1771-P7 AB Power Supply 16A 120/220V AC for 1771 I/O 1771P
1771-P7K AB Conformally Coated Power Supply 16A 120/220V AC 1771P 1771P7
1771-PA AB Power Supply 1771-P1 W/O 1771-BB 1771P
1771-PCB AB Control Coprossr. Prgm. Dvlpmnt. & Cross Cmplr., 1771P 1771PC
1771-PM AB Clutch/Brake Mod., (Used in Pairs) 1771P
1771-PS7 AB Multivoltage Rack Power Supply 1771P
1771-PSC AB power Supply Rack, 4 Slots 1771P 1771PS
1771-PSCC AB POWER CABLE, 1771 I/O RACK TO 1771-PS7, 1771-PSC
1771-PT2 AB FIBER OPTIC CABLE 1771P 1771PT 1771PT2
1771-PT3 AB FIBER OPTIC CABLE 1771P 1771PT 1771PT3
1771-QA AB Stepper Motor Posit. Assmly. w/1771OJ,-M1 1771Q
1771-QB AB Linear Hydraulic Positioning Mod., 1771Q
1771-QDC AB Plastic Molding Mod., 1771Q 1771QD
1771-QH AB Hydraulic Force Control Mod., 1771Q
1771-QI AB Plastic Molding Mod., for Coinjection, 1771Q
1771-RK AB I/O Rack Keying Bands, 36 p/pkg., 1771R
1771-RT41 AB Remote Term. Pnl. w/Cold Junc. Sensor, 1771R 1771RT 1771RT4
1771-RT44 AB Remote Term. Pnl., Base ver. 4 Chan., 1771R 1771RT 1771RT4
1771-RTP1 AB High Res. Isolated Analog Ser. 1771R 1771RT 1771RTP 1771RTP1
1771-RTP3 AB High Res. Isolated Analog Ser. 1771R 1771RT 1771RTP 1771RTP3
1771-RTP4 AB High Res. Isolated Analog Ser. 1771R 1771RT 1771RTP 1771RTP4
1771-SDN AB PLC-5 DeviceNet Scanner Module, 2-Channel 1771S 1771SD


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