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Series 90-30

GE Fanuc Series 90-30

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Series 90-30
The GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC system includes racks, power supplies and CPUs. The most common CPU used in the Series 90-30 is IC693CPU364 which includes an Ethernet connection and 240K memory.


Product Number Description
IC693BEM340 FIP (Factory Instrumentation Protocol) Bus Controller
IC693BEM341 2.5 Mhz FIP (Factory Instrumentation Protocol) Controller
IC693BEM350 GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Ethernet Network Interface Unit
IC693CDC200 GE Fanuc Csan Interface Module IC693CDC
IC693CHS391 I/O Rack Base
IC693CHS392 NEW I/O Rack Expansion
IC693CHS393 Base, Remote Expansion, 10 Slots
IC693CHS397 Base, 5 Slots
IC693CHS398 I/O Rack 5 Slot Expan.
IC693CHS399 Base, Remote Expansion, 5 Slots
IC693CMM301 Genius Communications
IC693CMM302 Communication Module, Genius
IC693CMM304 GE 90-30 Alstom N80 CMM304 Communications Module IC693CMM3
IC693CMM305 Alstom CMM305 ALSPA N80 Enhanced Comm Module IC693CMM3
IC693CMM311 Communitcations Module
IC693CMM321 Ethernet Module
IC693CPU311 5-Slot Base With CPU in base
IC693CPU313 5-Slot Base With Turbo CPU
IC693CPU321 CPU 321 Module
IC693CPU323 NEW 10-Slot Base With Turbo CPU
IC693CPU331 NEW CPU 331 Module
IC693CPU340 CPU 340 Module
IC693CPU341 CPU 341 Module
IC693CPU350 CPU 350 Module
IC693CPU351 CPU Module 25 Mhz


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