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GE Fanuc Series 90-30

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Series 90-30
The GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC system includes racks, power supplies and CPUs. The most common CPU used in the Series 90-30 is IC693CPU364 which includes an Ethernet connection and 240K memory.


Product Number Description
IC693MDL752 5/12/24 Vdc (TTL) Output, Neg Logic, 0.5 Amp (32 Points)
IC693MDL753 12/24 Vdc Output, Pos Logic, 0.5 Amp (32 Points)
IC693MDL754 12/24 Vdc Output, Pos Logic, 0.75 Amp (32 Points)
IC693MDL760 Output module with eleven pneumatic outputs and five 24VDC source outputs.
IC693MDL916 Output module, Isolated Relay, Normally Open, 4 Amp (16 Points)
IC693MDL930 Soldered Relay Output, Isolated, 4 Amp (8 Points)
IC693MDL931 Soldered Relay Output, 8 Amp Form B/C Contacts, Isolated in Groups of 4 (8 Points)
IC693MDL940 Relay Output, 2 Amp (16 Points)
IC693MDR390 Mixed I/O, 24 Vdc Input (8 Points) / Relay Output (8 Points)
IC693NIU004 Series 90-30 Ethernet NIU Network Interface
IC693PBM200 Profibus DP Master Module
IC693PBS201 Profibus DP Slave Module
IC693PCM300 Programmable Compressor Module (PCM), 160 KB, 35 KB Basic Program, 2 Ports
IC693PCM301 Programmable Compressor Module (PCM), 192 KB, 47 KB Basic Program, 2 Ports
IC693PCM311 Programmable Compressor Module (PCM), 640 KB, 190 KB Basic Program, 2 Ports
IC693PRG300 Hand Held Programmer (HHP)
IC693PTM101 Power Transducer Module
IC693PWR321 Power Supply
IC693PWR322 Power Supply
IC693PWR324 Power Supply
IC693PWR325 Series 90-30 Power Supply PWR325 24/48 Vdc 30 Watts IC693PWR32 IC693PWR
IC693PWR328 Power Supply, 48 Vdc, Standard.
IC693PWR330 Power Supply, 120/240 Vac
IC693PWR331 Power Supply


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