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GE Fanuc Series 90-70

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Series 90-70
Our shelves are loaded with GE 90-70 modules. Same day shipping, technical support and 24 Hour Repair is available on all GE 90-70 PLC Parts - 3 year warranty.


Product Number Description
44A749939-001 S6PI0 MODULE
IC687BEM744 FIP Bus Controller IC687B IC687BE IC687BEM
IC697ACC701 Quantity of 2 batteries per Package Battery Lithium 3V 1400MAH IC697A IC697AC IC697ACC
IC697ACC721 Rack Fan
IC697ACC724 Rack Fan
IC697ACC744 90-70 Rack Cooling Fan Assembly 24 VDC
IC697ADC701 90-ADS Cimplicity Series 90-70 PLC
IC697ALG230 Analog Input module is an analog input system with 16 channels, that accepts 4 to 20 milliamp...
IC697ALG320 4 Channel Analog Voltage/Current Output module.
IC697ALG321 Analog Input 90-70 IC697ALG32 IC697ALG3 IC697ALG IC697AL IC697A
IC697ALG440 16 Channel Current Analog Input Expander Module.
IC697ALG441 16 Channel Voltage Analog Input Expander Module.
IC697ALG444 GE Fanuc 16 Channels, Analog Input Expander, Gold plated terminal
IC697BEM711 Bus Expansion Interface. Bus Receiver Module.
IC697BEM713 Bus Expansion Interface. Bus Receiver Module.
IC697BEM721 I/O Link Interface Module for the Series 90-70 IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM731 Single Channel Genius I/O Controller Module
IC697BEM733 GE Fanuc Series 90-70 Remote I/O Scanner
IC697BEM734 Alspa C80-75 Bus Controller I/O
IC697BEM735 Alspa Remote I/O Scanner GE Fanuc PLC
IC697BEM741 FIP Bus Controller IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM761 SERIES 90-70 I/O Series Six Interface Module
IC697BEM763 DLAN Drive Interface IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM764 Series 90-70 BEM764 Interface Drive DLAN VME 9070 Board Card VME PLC Communication IC697
IC697CGR772 Series 90-70 Single Slot CPU, Hot Stand-by CPU


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