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Series 90-70
Our shelves are loaded with GE 90-70 modules. Same day shipping, technical support and 24 Hour Repair is available on all GE 90-70 PLC Parts - 3 year warranty.


Product Number Description
IC697ALG230 Analog Input module is an analog input system with 16 channels, that accepts 4 to 20 milliamp...
IC697ALG320 4 Channel Analog Voltage/Current Output module.
IC697ALG440 16 Channel Current Analog Input Expander Module.
IC697ALG441 16 Channel Voltage Analog Input Expander Module.
IC697BEM731 Single Channel Genius I/O Controller Module
IC697BEM733 GE Fanuc Series 90-70 Remote I/O Scanner
IC697CGR772 Series 90-70 Single Slot CPU, Hot Stand-by CPU
IC697CGR935 Series 90-70 Hot Stand-by CPU. 32 Bit, 12288 Discrete I/O Points
IC697CMM711 Series 90-70 Communications Coprocessor Module, CCM, RTU, SNP, & SNPx PROTOCOLS
IC697CMM742 IC697 Ethernet Interface
IC697CPM790 64MHz, 32 it Floating Point CPU. 80486DX2 Redundant Hot Swap Standby
IC697CPM914 The GE IC697CPM914 offers a CPU - 32 MHz, and 12K Discrete I/O - including a 512K RAM. This model...
IC697CPM915 IC697 32 MHz 32-Bit 12K Discrete I/O Floating Point CPU
IC697CPM924 The IC697CPM924 includes a CPU/64MHz, 12K Discrete I/O and 512K RAM. Also this unit has Constant...
IC697CPM925 IC697 32 MHz 64 Mhz, 32 Bit 12K Discrete I/O Floating Point CPU Module
IC697CPU731 IC697 12 MHz 32-Bit 512 Discrete I/O CPU Module
IC697CPU732 CPU, 12 MHz, 512 Discrete I/O, Fixed Mem (32K Bytes), Floating Pt
IC697CPU771 IC697 CPU Module 2000 Inputs and outputs
IC697CPU772 IC697 32 Bit CPU with floating pointing math. Supports 2048 I/O Discrete, 8K Analog
IC697CPU781 16 MHZ Single Slot Expandable CPU Module, 12K Discrete
IC697CPU782 16 MHZ Single Slot Expandable CPU Module, 12K Discrete
IC697CPX772 96 MHZ CPU Module, 12K Discrete, 32 Bit
IC697CPX782 96 MHZ CPU Module, 12K Discrete, 32 Bit
IC697CPX935 96 MHZ CPU Module, 12K Discrete, 32 Bit
IC697HSC700 High Speed Counter (HSC) Module Up to 200KHz


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