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GE Fanuc

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GE Fanuc PLCs allow total migration from the original General Electric Series Six PLC to the Series 90-30, Series 90-70 and finally to the Rx3i Rx7i Pacsystems. GE Fanuc programming software was formally known as Cimplicity but now uses the family name of Proficy Machine Edition as well as PE for the HMI. Intellution FIX32, iFix and i Historian were all converted to the GE Fanuc family of software named Proficy.


Product Number Description
IC655ACC549 In Stock! GE Battery for Memory Cartridge IC655A IC655AC IC655ACC
IC655ACC550 In Stock! GE Battery for CPU and ASCII/Basic Module IC655A IC655AC IC655ACC
IC655ACC552 GE Blank Filler Module IC655A IC655AC IC655ACC
IC655ALG516 In Stock! GE Analog Input 8 points IC655A IC655AL IC655ALG
IC655ALG566 In Stock! GE Analog Output 2 points IC655A IC655AL IC655ALG
IC655ALG567 GE Analog Output*-10V+10V, 2 points IC655A IC655AL IC655ALG
IC655APU500 In Stock! GE ASCII/Basic Module, 32K memory IC655A IC655AP IC655APU
IC655APU510 In Stock! GE High Speed Counter IC655A IC655AP IC655APU
IC655APU521 In Stock! GE Axis Positioning Module, Encoder Input, Servo Input IC655A IC655AP IC655APU
IC655BEM500 In Stock! GE Local I/O Interface module IC655B IC655BE IC655BEM
IC655BEM510 In Stock! GE Genius Bus Controller -32 devices IC655B IC655BE IC655BEM
IC655BEM530 GE I/O Interface card IC655B IC655BE IC655BEM
IC655CCM500 In Stock! GE Communications Control Module using CCM2 protocol IC655C IC655CC IC655CCM
IC655CCM590 In Stock! GE RS-232/RS-422 Converter box IC655C IC655CC IC655CCM
IC655CHS506 In Stock! GE CPU and I/O Base Unit, 6 slots IC655C IC655CH IC655CHS
IC655CHS508 In Stock! GE CPU and I/O Base Unit, 8 slots IC655C IC655CH IC655CHS
IC655CHS590 In Stock! GE I/O Termination Plug IC655C IC655CH IC655CHS
IC655CPU500 In Stock! GE Series 5 CPU Processor IC655C IC655CP IC655CPU
IC655MDL501 GE 12-24Vdc Input, Negative Logic 16 points IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL
IC655MDL502 In Stock! GE 12-24Vdc Input Negative Logic 32 points IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL
IC655MDL503 GE 24-Vdc Input Positive/Negative Logic 64 points IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL
IC655MDL511 GE 24-48Vac/dc Isolated Input, Positive Logic 16 points IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL
IC655MDL512 GE 12-24Vac/dc Input, Positive Logic 32 points IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL
IC655MDL524 GE Input Simulator card IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL
IC655MDL525 In Stock! GE 115/230Vac Input 16 points module IC655MD IC655MD IC655MDL


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