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GE Fanuc PLCs allow total migration from the original General Electric Series Six PLC to the Series 90-30, Series 90-70 and finally to the Rx3i Rx7i Pacsystems. GE Fanuc programming software was formally known as Cimplicity but now uses the family name of Proficy Machine Edition as well as PE for the HMI. Intellution FIX32, iFix and i Historian were all converted to the GE Fanuc family of software named Proficy.


Product Number Description
IC600YB945 In Stock! 20K ASCII/Basic Module IC600Y IC600YB
IC600YB946 In Stock! Loop Management Module (Proloop System) IC600Y IC600YB
IC600YB947 In Stock! I/O Link Local (Series One or Series Three I/O) IC600Y IC600YB
IC600YB948 In Stock! I/O Communication Control Module (I/O CCM) IC600Y IC600YB
IC600YB949 In Stock! 28K ASCII/Basic I/O Module IC600Y IC600YB
IC600YB950 In Stock! I/O Communication Control Mod Type 4 - AB DH Interface IC600Y IC600YB
IC600YR501 In Stock! Input Output Rack Oldest Version IC600Y IC600YR
IC600YR510 In Stock! 19 inch I/O Rack with High Capacity P/S/ 115 IC600Y IC600YR
IC600YR511 In Stock! 19 inch I/O Rack Older Version IC600Y IC600YR
IC600YR550 In Stock! Input Output Rack Old Version IC600Y IC600YR
IC600YR560 In Stock! 19 inch I/O Rack with High Capacity P/S/ 115-230Vac (11 Slots) IC600Y IC600YR
IC609SJR100 115VAC In 115/230VAC Out
IC609SJR121 DC SCRE IN/RELAY OUT 115/230VAC 50/60Hz
IC609TCU100 GE Series One JUNIOR Counter Timer for CPU 104, 105, 106 IC609TCU10 IC609TCU1 IC609TCU IC609
IC610ABM100 ASCII/Basic Module
IC610ACC150 In Stock! GE Series One Three CPU battery IC610A IC610AC IC610ACC
IC610CCM105 In Stock! GE Plus Data Communications Unit DCU IC610C IC610CC IC610CCM
IC610CCM109 Series One I/O Expander Interface Module IC610CCM109 IC610CCM10 IC610CCM1 IC610CCM
IC610CCM110 In Stock! GE I/O Link Local Module Transmitter IC610C IC610CC IC610CCM
IC610CCM111 In Stock! GE I/O Link Remote Module receiver IC610C IC610CC IC610CCM
IC610CHS100 In Stock! GE I/O Rack, Non-Expandable i/o IC610C IC610CH IC610CHS
IC610CHS101 GE I/O Rack, Non-Expandable IC610C IC610CH IC610CHS
IC610CHS110 In Stock! GE I/O Rack, 115/230Vac Power Supply 5 slot IC610C IC610CH IC610CHS
IC610CHS111 GE Rack, 115Vac Power Supply IC610C IC610CH IC610CHS


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