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Product Number Description
140MMC12000 Motion Controller Delta Computer Systems
140MMB10400 Motion Controller Multi-Axis Drives
140MMB10200 Motion Controller Multi-Axis Drives
140KRP10000 Program Program
140HLI34000 Latch Interrupt
140ESI06210 Module COM/ASCII Module 2xRS232
140ERT85420 Time Tag
140ERT85410IAT Module Sequence of Events
140ERT85410 Time Tag
140EHC20800 Analog COUNTER 8 Channel Spectrum C
140EHC20200 Hi-Speed CTR 500KHZ 2CH
140EHC10500 Hi-Speed 5 CTR 20/100 KHZ
140CHS41020 Hot Standby L2 Kit
140CHS41010 Hot Standby L1 Kit
140CHS32000 Hot Standby COAXIAL Term K
140CHS21000 Hot Standby Kit S911
140CHS11000 Hot Standby S911
140CFX00210 Common
140CFX00110 Common
140CFU40000 Kit Fuse
140CFU08000 Kit Fuse
140CFU00600 Kit Fuse Kit
140CFK00400 Analog Terminal Block Field Device
140CFJ00400 Analog Terminal Block Field Device
140CFI00800 Analog Terminal Block Field Device


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