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Product Number Description
C200H-ATT53 Omron Backplane I/O Mounting Bracket, 5 Slots
C200H-ATT81 Omron Backplane Isolating Panel, 8 Slots
C200H-ATT83 Omron Backplane I/O Mounting Bracket , 8 Slots
C200H-B7A01 Omron B7A Interface, 16 Output pts
C200H-B7A02 Omron B7A Interface, 32 Output pts
C200H-B7A12 Omron B7A Interface, 32 Output pts
C200H-B7A21 Omron B7A Interface, 16 Outputs, 16 Inputs
C200H-B7A22 Omron B7A Interface, 32 Outputs, 32 Inputs
C200H-B7AH Omron B7A Interface, 16 Input pts
C200H-B7AI1 Omron B7A Interface, 16 Input pts
C200H-B7AO1 Omron B7A Interface, 16 Output pts
C200H-BAT09 Omron Battery Replacement Lithium 3V 2100MAH
C200H-BC031 Omron Backplane, 3 Slots
C200H-BC031-V Omron Backplane, 3 Slots
C200H-BC031-V1 Omron Backplane, 3 Slots
C200H-BC031-V2 Omron Backplane, 3 Slots
C200H-BC051 Omron Backplane, 5 Slots
C200H-BC051-V Omron Backplane, 5 Slots
C200H-BC051-V1 Omron Backplane, 5 Slots
C200H-BC051-V2 Omron Backplane, 5 Slots
C200H-BC081 Omron Backplane, 8 Slots
C200H-BC081-V Omron Backplane, 8 Slots
C200H-BC081-V1 Omron Backplane, 8 Slots
C200H-BC081-V2 Omron Backplane, 8 Slots
C200H-BC101 Omron Backplane, 10 Slots


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