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Product Number Description
45C130 Automate Programming Executive Software
45C15 Automate 15 PLC 802803-25. Also available 45C15A 45C15B 45C15C 45C15D
45C1A Automate/Automax Local I/O Rail for I/O Cards
45C20 Automate 20 PLC 802803-25 Manual J-3120
45C200 Automate Remote I/O Input/Output Module
45C201 Automate Remote I/O Input/Output Processor 45C201A 45C201B 45C201C
45C202A Automate R-Net Processor. Also Available 45C202
45C203 Automate Ser Communication Processor Module
45C22 Automate Local I/O Head
45C230 Automate 15E Remote I/O Head 45C230A
45C231 Automate 15E Programmable Controller
45C232 DCS 5000 Automate Controller
45C233 Automate DCS 5000 15E with R-NET 24/48VDC
45C270 Automate Memory Expansion Module
45C271 Automate 40 16K Memory Expansion
45C272 32K Memory Expansion Module Automate
45C273 Automate 48K Memory Expansion
45C27A Automate Gateway Remote I/O Revision A
45C27B Automate Gateway Remote Input Output Revision B
45C28 Automate Communication Module Discontinued.
45C29A Automate R-Net Gateway Module
45C29B Automate Communications Gateway Module
45C30 Communications Module
45C301A AutoMate 30 Processor Module
45C305A Automate 30 4K Processor


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