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Product Number Description
6AV3535-1TA41-0BX0 Operator Panel
6AV3617-1JC00-0AX1 Operator Panel
6AV3617-1JC00-0AX2 Operator Panel
6AV3617-5BB00-0AE0 Operator Panel
6AV3627-1JK00-0AX0 Operator Panel
6AV3627-1LK00-1AX0 Operator Panel
6AV3627-1NK00-2AX0 Touch Panel with Display
6AV3627-1QK00-0AX0 Touch Panel with Display
6AV3627-1QK00-2AX0 Touch Panel with Display
6AV3637-1ML00-0FX0 Operator Panel
6AV3637-1PL00-0AX0 Operator Panel
6AV3971-1BA01-0CA0 EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1BA01-0DA0 EPROM 64K
6AV3971-1CA01-0CA0 Flash EPROM
6AV3971-1CA01-0DA0 Flash EPROM
6AV4010-1AA00-0AA0 Video Module
6AV4010-1AA10-0AA0 Video Module
6AV4010-1AA10-0AB0 Video Module
6AV4012-0AA10-0AB0 Video Processor
6AV4012-0AA20-0AB0 Coros Module
6AV4530-1AB08-5AA0 Video Module
6AV4530-1BC00-7AA0 Video Module
6AV4530-1BD00-7HA0 Video Module
6AV5040-1BF12-0BA0 Operator Panel
6AV5040-1BF41-0BC0 Operator Panel


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