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Product Number Description
505-5518 Relay Module
505-6010 Input Simulator Module
505-6011 Output Simulator Module
505-6108 Analog Input Module
505-6108A Analog Input Module
505-6108B Analog Input Module
505-6202 Analog Output Module
505-6204 Analog Input Module
505-6208 Analog Output Module
505-6208A Analog Output Module
505-6208B Analog Output Module
505-6308 Input Module
505-6408 Output Module
505-6504 Rack - 4 slot
505-6508 Rack - 8 slot
505-6511 Redundant Base with 11 Input Output Slots
505-6516 Rack - 16 slot
505-6660 Power Supply
505-6660A Power Supply
505-6660B Power Supply
505-6830 Input Output Channel Controller
505-6840 Controller Module
505-6850A Remote Base Controller
505-6850B Remote Base Controller
505-6851A Remote Base Controller


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