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Product Number Description
PM550-410 Counter Access Module
PM550-302 Programmer Module
PM550-212 Power Supply
F3-PMUX-1 CPU Module
D4-16TD1 Sinking Output Module
D4-16TA Digital Output Module
D3-16TR Output Module
D3-16NE3 Input Module
D3-16NA Input Module
D3-10B-1 Rack with Power Supply
D3-08TR Output Module
D3-08TA-2 Output Module
CTI 2560 Analog Input Module
CTI 2550 Analog Input Module
7MT902 Mounting Base
7MT-210 Analog Output Module
7MT-200 Analog Output Module
7MT-100A Analog Input Module
6MT50-2 Input Output Mounting Base
6MT50-1 Input Output Mounting Base
6MT50 Output Mounting Base
6MT33 Logic Interface Input Output Module
6MT32 Output Logic Interface
6MT31 Input Logic Interface
6MT14-40DL Output Module


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