A Quick Tutorial on RSLogix Emulator 5000

RSLogix Emulator 5000 is a software simulator for the Allen Bradley line of Logix 5000 controllers (ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®, FlexLogix®, SoftLogix5800® and DriveLogix®).   The goal is to mimic the function of a PLC without the actual hardware and thus do advanced debugging.  More information can be found in the AB publication LGEM5K-GR015A-EN-P.

As a quick introduction we’ll go through a simple example of setting up a simulation.  This involves three major steps.

  1. Setting up the chassis monitor.
  2. Creating a connection in RSLinx.
  3. Creating a project with associated emulation hardware.

Setting up the Chassis Monitor

To start the Chassis Monitor, click Start > Programs > Rockwell Software > RSLogixEmulate 5000 > RSLogix Emulate 5000 Chassis Monitor.

RSEmulator 00 Open
When the emulator opens up you’re confronted with what looks like an empty chassis.  In slot 0 is an RSLinx module which has to be there for the emulator communications to work.  Your slot 1 might have another irremovable RSLinx module depending if you are running RSLogix Enterprise.
RSEmulator 01 - Empty Chassis Monitor

From here we set up our hardware configuration for simulation.  Our first step will be to add the CPU.  In this case it is a special one called an Emulation Controller.

  1. Click Slot > Create Module.
  2. Choose the Emulator RSLogix Emulate 5000 Controller.
  3. Chose slot 2 for the controller
  4. Click OK to add it to the chassis monitor.
    RSEmulator 02 Select Emulator Controller
  5. At this point you may be accosted with a message about previous configurations.  Just select Reset the Configuration to Default Values and click NEXT.
  6. The next two dialog screens are for setting up the controller details.  Click NEXT and FINISH to accept all the defaults.
    RSEmulator 03 Emulator Controller Setup 1
    RSEmulator 04 Emulator Controller Setup 2

Next we’ll add some input/output simulation.

  1. Click Slot > Create Module.
  2. Choose the 1789-SIM 32 Point Input/Output Simulator.
  3. Chose slot 3 for the simulator and click OK.
    RSEmulator 05 Select Input Simulator
  4. Accept the defaults for the setup by clicking NEXT and FINISH.
    RSEmulator 06 Input Simulator Setup 1
    RSEmulator 07 Input Simulator Setup 2

The chassis monitor will now have two emulation modules in it ready to go. 

RSEmulator 08 Full Chassis


Creating a connection in RSLinx

  1. Start RSLinx under Start > Programs > Rockwell Software > RSLinx > RSLinx Classic
  2. Click Communications > Configure Drivers.
  3. Select the Virtual Backplane (SoftLogix 58xx) driver from the Available Driver Types list.
  4. Click Add New. The Add New RSLinx Driver dialog box appears. Click OK.
  5. The new driver appears in the Configured Drivers list. Click Close.
RSEmulator 09 Create Driver

Using RSLogix Emulator in a Project

To use the emulator in a project you must setup the hardware correctly.

  1. Start the RSLogix 5000 software and create a new project.
  2. Under the New Controller window type select an Emulator – RSLogix Emulator 5000 Controller.  Give it a name and assign it to the same slot as the one you put in the Chassis Monitor which in our example is slot 2.  Click OK.
    RSEmulator 10 Setup Processor
  3. In RSLogix 5000's Controller Organizer, right click on the I/O Configuration folder, and then click New Module. The software displays the Select Module window.
  4. Open the Other folder. Select the 1756-MODULE from the modules list and then click OK.
    RSEmulator 11 Setup Simulator Card
  5. The software displays the New Module window.
    a.  Add a Name for the card.
    b.  In the Slot field put the number that corresponds with the Chassis Monitor.
    c.  For the Connection Parameters put in the following and click OK
      Assembly Instance  Size
    Input 1 2
    Output 2 1
    Configuration 16 0
    RSEmulator 12 Setup Simulator Card Setup 1
  6. On the next Module Properties screen make sure to change the Requested Packet Interval to 50.0 ms.
    RSEmulator 13 Setup Simulator Card Setup 2

Ready, Set, Go

You are now ready to use the emulator just like you would any other PLC.   Open Who Active and set the path to the RSLogix 5000 Emulator.
RSEmulator 14 Connecting
The inputs can be simulated in the emulator’s Chassis Monitor by right clicking on the module and selecting Properties.  Under the I/O Data tab is the ability to toggle each of the inputs on or off.
RSEmulator 15 Simulating

RSLogix Emulator is sometimes erroneously called RSEmulator.