Cape Software

Cape Software Inc. has been providing hundreds of customers worldwide with a cost effective approach to dynamic process simulation since 1991.

Our Flagship product, VP Link®, is a proven solution for testing and operator training needs. Our simulation environment connects to your offline control system (s) and provides it with real-time Virtual Process® feedbacks. An integrated OPC server makes the VP Link simulation integration with your corporate applications virtually seamless.

The Test Compiler® is the ultimate logic validation tool that provides the engineering team with pragmatic system check-out functionalities, such as unattended, repeatable tests that will generate a validating documentation as the tests execute. This tool will help you comply with IEC61508 and IEC61511 specifications

XP TrendCorder ® is a cross control platform high-resolution data monitoring application ( down to 200ms,depending on system load), logging events into XML format, for better accessibility and applications integration.