Fatek Automation Corp

Fatek Automation is a manufacturer and developer of Programmable Controllers (PLC) in Taiwan. Our R&D team have least 14years experience engaged in the PLC field. The indisputable quality and reliability that was demanded the PLC market in the world, has now been inaugurated in our own new generation PLC line.

The first generation PLC of Fatek is FB series, which are used quite well in Factory Automation field nowadays. FB series use ASIC design which provides the extremely high processing speed of 0.65mu.GIF (88 bytes) S/sequence instruction, a super large 8K Words memory, built-in power supplies which cover the entire voltage range, detachable terminal blocks, build-in CPU Link function and superb extensibility up to 320 points. These features combine to make their deceptively small size perform like their large counterparts.

Fatek Automation year 1999 New Product-FBE/FBN series PLC is based on FB series FBE/FBN series PLC, whose ASIC Body is 69000 gate count, 4 multiple of FB series. All commands and functions of FBE/FBN series are compatible with FB series, but the capacity of program is up to 13 K Words, scan time is 0.33 mu.GIF (88 bytes)s/1 K Words, 4096 point discrete, 10000words register, built-in 3 communication ports. The one of communication ports is RS-485, whose transmitter/receiver has 12 byte FIFO, communication speed up to 614.4Kbps, and has 32 kinds external interrupt. For NC servo interface, 4-Axis of pulse command output, whose frequency up to 512KHz, 4 high-speed counters which can connect 4 A/B phase incremental encoder for feedback control, frequency up to 512KHz. Compare with other competitive brands in the same scale, the cost of FBE/FBN series PLC is 1/2~1/5.

Our current R& D investment in PLCs now exceeds US$ 2 million and our on going commitment in the industry will insure that our customers will continue to receive state-of-the-art technology. Fatek Automation considers quality, series, and reliability the foundations a successful business venture.