Keypad Overview

The function keys and keypad are pretty clunky but once you get used to the flow you can get pretty fast at it.  I imagine back in the day when these were used a lot a good programmer would have some crazy flippin’ fingers going as he input new rungs of ladder logic.

Function Keys

  • The function keys keep changing but they are labeled on the bottom line of the screen.
  • If you see a > on the bottom right then hit the ENTER key and there will be more functions.
  • The prompt line is the second from the bottom above the function descriptions.  It will tell you what’s going on.
  • The ESC key is your friend.  If you get lost then just keep hitting this and it will take you back home.


  • Press and release the SHIFT key to type the top letters.  Press it again to toggle back to normal mode.  An up arrow will be displayed on the screen when in shift mode.  Sometimes this is automatic when it’s expected an input like an address.
  • If you make an error when entering data then hit ESC or use the cursor to go back.  The SPACE key will wipe out a character.  Keep hitting ESC if you want to exit without saving.
  • Press RUNG and enter the number of the rung to go straight to it.
  • Pressing ZOOM when on an instruction will display it’s details.