An Allen Bradley SLC-500 Trainer

More in depth programming information and documentation is available at DO Supply covering a wider array of Allen-Bradley FAQ

Here's a good example of our PLC simulators used on an Allen Bradley SLC-500 trainer.  I built this unit for a customer that does automation training.  This concept is easily adaptable so if you're interested in something like this then feel free to contact me.


Allen Bradley SLC-500 Trainer


The demo stand consists of an Allen Bradley SLC-500 with a power supply (1746-P1), CPU (1746-OS501), an 8 point input card (1746-IB8), an output card (1746-OB8) and an analog input/output card (1746-NIO4V).  The plc simulators are mounted on the din rail below.  The digital input simulator (DI-8-UM) controls the inputs to the input card.  The analog input simulator (AD-4-V-UM) provides the signals for the analog inputs.  It's all mounted on a light weight A-frame that folds flat for easy travel.  The PLC stand also has a rubber lining on the bottom to prevent slipping while the PLC is being used.