ControlNet International

ControlNet International is an association comprised of vendors, distributors and users of factory automation solutions incorporating ControlNet™ networking technology. ControlNet technology provides real-time control over communication networks that deliver high-speed transport of both time-critical I/O and messaging data, including upload/download of programming and configuration data and peer-to-peer messaging on single or redundant physical media. Deterministic and repeatable, ControlNet technology significantly enhances I/O performance and peer-to-peer communications, making it ideal for use in the most demanding automation applications.

The organization also is active in driving the integration of factory-level networks with the enterprise. To this end, it has a joint technology agreement with ODVA to develop and manage EtherNet/IP™, the leading Ethernet network for industrial applications. The networks managed by both organizations are built on a single, media-independent platform - the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™). As a result, they provide seamless communication from the plant floor through the enterprise with a scalable, future-proof and coherent architecture.

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