MESA - Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association

Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International is a not-for-profit organization of manufacturers and information system providers focused on leveraging technology in order to achieve business goals. Founded over ten years ago, the organization named a new board of directors in late 2003 and is rededicating itself to the unique needs of manufacturing end users.

The organization is a community of manufacturing end-users, system integrators, hardware and software suppliers and consultants, all focused on improving the health and agility of the manufacturing production system.

MESA supports the application layer that sits between the plant floor systems layer of any given enterprise and the ERP system. This allows you to manage and integrate the different technologies/applications to achieve your business goals. MESA has extended their support to cover continuous processes, such as the Oil and Gas industry, as well as the Petrochemical industry.

MESA provides a variety of programs and events that work together to help manufacturers:

  • Understand what is possible in terms of improving profitability, agility, and customer satisfaction
  • See what other manufacturers have done to be successful
  • Learn how to approach investment decisions in technology and how to be more successful with technology deployment

MESA's membership program and events present to manufacturing businesses the best practices used to solve critical problems within their corporation and those that extend to their suppliers, customers, and partners. As members, both manufacturers and information system providers benefit from working together on solving critical business issues and furthering the state of the industry in the use of integrated information systems.

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