Human Machine Interfaces

EXELE Information Systems

EXELE Information Systems, Inc. is a consulting and software engineering company that specializes in manufacturing applications such as real-time process control. Founded in 1978, EXELE is an OSISoft Partner and OPC Foundation Member.


EXELE provides software engineering, products, and consulting in the areas of:

TW Controls

An integration company specializing in designing, building, and installing Electrical Control Systems, Programming PLC and HMI products, networking, plant wide SCADA systems and much more. We look forward to helping you accomplish your automation goals


Citect has a long history as a global leader in the development and application of SCADA, HMI and MES solutions. The ability to develop powerful and reliable 'industrial strength' software, capable of withstanding the rigors of large-scale operations, has been one of our strengths.

AutomationLS is a leader company in the distribution and provision of parts for instrumentation, automation and controls systems in several sectors including automotive assembly, nutritional, food and beverage, packing, pharmaceutical, metal mechanic, metallurgical, mining, paper industry, chemical, oil and gas, among others.

Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation is a supplier of web based industrial automation software solutions.

FactorySQL is the easiest, most effective way to bridge the gap between PLCs and standard database systems. All the way from simple data logging, to complicated web-based control systems, FactorySQL has the features and intuitive design to help you accomplish tasks easily and quickly.