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The ABCs of PLCs

Introductory PLC tutorial for sale.

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SOFTwerk Professional Automation GmbH

SOFTwerk is an Austrian based automation engineering firm that also provides training for Siemens S7 PLCs.

New River Community College

The Instrumentation Program at New River Community College provides "hands-on" training and education in required skills along with the theory to master the responsibilities of an instrument and controls technician. The program also provides the foundation for on-the-job training and other career challenges in the instrumentation and control automation field. In keeping with current demands for instrumentation technicians, the faculty of the Instrumentation program now teach the basics: flow, temperature, pressure, level, and calibration as well as more advanced principles including wireless control inside.

Automation Research Centre

The Automation Research Centre is aimed at the small to medium sized manufacturer. It is situated on the University of Limerick campus in the National Technological Park and offers a valuable resource to industry, combining the disciplines of mechanical, production computer and electronic engineering. The centre has the resources to undertake the development of integrated automated solutions, and the research and development of products and processes.

The principal areas of expertise in the centre are:

  • Automated manufacturing systems
  • Programmable Logic Controller applications

ATS Applied Tech Systems

ATS is The Independent Solution Provider for Industrial, Process and Information Technology users world-wide. We provide products and services for all three levels of the automation pyramid; control, execution and information. ATS is an innovative, strategic knowledge partner offering six areas of expertise:

  • Programming Languages
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Control Technologies
  • SCADA*/HMI**
  • Communication & Networks
  • Databases

Since foundation in 1986, we have developed six business activities specifically designed to support the full lifecycle of automation and IT systems:

Learn Automation is a site designed to assist both maintenance personnel and plant engineers with automation equipment.

Your ideas and questions are welcome no matter what your experience level is. We can all learn from each other. Even those who are most experienced with automation equipment still learn a lot from even some of the most basic questions, and those of you who are just getting started in automation will learn from others about some of the advanced abilities of automation equipment (Whether you understand the details at this time or not).

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Automation Training Inc.

At ATI, our job is to train your employees to perform to the best of their abilities. We want to make your decision on employee training an easy one -- we will give you instructors who are experienced and can conduct an effective class, we will provide training that is relevant to your application and facility by using industry-standard training courses or by a designing course that is customized for you. We will work within your schedule, be flexible, and educate your employees.

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FasTrak SoftWorks

FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. was incorporated in 1995. Located just outside of Milwaukee in Mequon, Wisconsin, we serve more than 20,000 customers worldwide with software designed to save time and money by streamlining operations.

FasTrak is an industry leader. We offer one of the world's most innovative CMMS and EAM software products. We were the first company to offer PLC programming software for the PC in a Windows

NTT Inc.

National Technology Transfer offers 2,000 training seminars across the U.S. each year, including On-Site training customized especially for your employees. We have the largest selection of training seminars available for the facilities, engineering, and industrial sectors, plus we offer guaranteed results. You can count on: 

  • Small class sizes for personal, one-on-one instruction.
  • Practical Hands-On experience.
  • Real operating and systems equipment.

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iTek - Interactive Technologies

iTek, in conjunction with Rockwell Automation University and Rockwell Software Inc., has created interactive computer based training (CBT / WBT) courses for SLC 500, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5, and RSLinx software. These courseware packages are branded under the RSTrainer 2000 product line.

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