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Digital Automation Training

In today's competitive manufacturing environment, we are only too aware that your most valuable asset is your staff, and their ability to maintain your plant.

Digital Automation Training's, aim is to improve your plant efficiency.

With control system manufacturers and installers call out costs increasing, it has become more cost effective to train your maintenance staff to a high standard. Therefore all the skills and experience required for maintenance and updates can be provided in house for a fraction of the price.

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Intellect Controls Group

Intellect Controls Group, Inc. was founded in 1983. We are an independent training company and our only business is providing hands-on training programs on factory automation control systems. Since our inception we have delivered more than one million man-hours of training to Fortune 500 companies, allowing them to streamline their manufacturing processes and meet and exceed their productivity objectives.

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Amatrol is the world's premier producer of skill-based, integrated technical learning systems. Our comprehensive training solutions include interactive multimedia as well as print-based student learning materials, teacher's guides, industrial quality hands-on training equipment, and instructor training. Educators and trainers use Amatrol training solutions to develop skill breadth and academic depth.

Key learning programs and systems:

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Control Station

Control Station has a long history of providing innovative solutions and delivering tangible value. Our products and services have helped companies across the process industries to improve their control.

Advantage Industrial Automation

Advantage Industrial Automation provides manufacturing solutions by adding value to the leading vendors of factory automation, information and control products, and manufacturing execution systems. We help our customers improve productivity and quality, reduce downtime and waste, and increase efficiency and safety.

Moraine Park Technical College

Many courses available in industrial automation controls. For example, see PLC Programming and Troubleshooting.


Manufacturer of OEM PLC boards and HMIs. They also offer a PLC software simulator.

Generic and simple to understand PLC tutorial.

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Free generic online PLC simulator.

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Automatic Technology Sequence

Software simulator for Omron and Mitsubishi.

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