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My name is Tim Young and you can hold me responsible for PLCdev.com. PLCdev is really here for two purposes - to give you the information and the tools you need.


When it comes to information there's a lot on the internet. PLCdev is looking to make it's articles relevant and practical for you. I've grown tired of the general articles found in automation magazines. Forums are helpful but they have a lot of what I would call extra noise. PLCdev is seeking to provide more in-depth and focused articles of interest to the automation student and professional. If you've got something to share then why not make some money and contribute?


Ever since I became a PLC programmer back in 1992 I've looked for easy ways to simulate the environment I was trying to control. You know how it is. There's a machine your company is developing that you won't be able to get for debugging until manufacturing is ready to ship it out the door. Rush, rush! If your desk looks like mine it's a mess of switches, potentiometers and wires running everywhere to 'fake out' the PLC. The software simulation tools work but they're clumsy. There's got to be a better way, right?

The products I'm offering here represent something that's been in my mind for a long while yet I've never been able to find on the market. These are gadgets that I would want to make my job easier and take a lot of the pain out of development. I hope you find them useful too. If you have any suggestions or comments then please feel free contact me.

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So here's the facts:
Who: Tim Young (blog)
What: PLCDev stands for PLC Development.
Where: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
When: Take off in 2005
Why: If you can't find what your looking for then do it yourself.