Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 Programmer's Handbook

troubelshooting ofplc

HI,why a PLC have systemfault(SF)?

PLC is a machine

Hi abbass,

PLC is a hardware which is run driven by program. Internally to make PLC run it needs internal program which is called a "Firmware". Firmware is a basic program which the PLC hardware can execute directly. Then the firmware read the program (which is made by PLC Programmer) then execute it.


by Oscar Rivera on Wed,2009-01-21 9:58pm

Hi Benny can yuo tell me how get the firmware please......

PLC running on vista

a question. Can the PLC programme run on Vista.

yes ..... it can work with

yes ..... it can work with windows vista
just download step7 v5.4 SP3.1 from Siemens site.

step 7

iam tired to install step 7 in window vista home pre but iam not able to install it can u help me plss

ok dude plz explain your problem in detail

You had just mentioned that you are not able to install the step 7 in the lappi. But failed to mention
- what OS you are using are you using virtual OS and then trying to install STEP 7 there or directly on WIN 7
- what error you are facing explain them in detail either to my email I'd as kbalamurugesan AT gmail
If possible send screen shot so that it is easy to diagonise the problem.


please i send the simatic manager s7-300/400 i am taking a trainning so i need software to practice at home if u software please send me are any trail version also send me foe practice thanks

yes u can run plc program in

yes u can run plc program in vista but u have to install software.


we cannot run its dedicated for xp or windows 2000



software s7

i am having a training on automation at present particularly in siemens s7 theory,where can i purchase a simatic manager software for my personal use and how much it will cost..thanks

Siemens PLC S7-200 and Siemens LOGO

HI guys, please can you help me for my project, I have a project case study using timer sequence for S7-200 and LOGO please could you email me so I can send the case study. please guys help me and many thanks.

[email protected]

S7-200 applications project

hi guys whats up!!! can you help me to provide more sample applications using s7-200 Siemens plc. Thanks.

[email protected]


i m having sft of plc simatic step 7. in that, how to run lad programm. kindly help

Step7 for Windows 7

Hi All,

I have purchased a new PC running with Windows 7 and I want to install the Step7 5.4 SP2 software. I have a seperate update of SP3 and SP4 software that I plan to install after the first complete installation. However, I am having a problem on the first due to the OS incompatibility. Can anybody assist me on how to do it properly?

je kunt een virtule XP pc

je kunt een virtule XP pc aanmaken met een virtuele harde schijf in windows 7 en daar step 7 op installeren en laten draaien werkt prima bij mij

naar huis son of flanders

naar huis son of flanders

you need windows xp

you need windows xp professional. os.


Hi to all, i search thi website from google for pla programing tutorial and i found some title simatic plc programming hand book. i didnt get the book. Please help me,if anybody having this handbook or tutorial material about simatic plc programming please give me the details

Hemachand, you can find the

Hemachand, you can find the tutorial here:

PLC Tutorial

Step 7 connection

Is it possible to connect to Step 7 PLC remotely

e.g from a pc in one location to a machine in another.

Via internet?

What would be required to achieve this


Which kind of computer do you recommend my?

hi guys,i´m gonna buy a computer whose caracteristics are
HP - Factory-Refurbished Laptop / Intel® Pentium® Processor / 15.6" Display / 4GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive - Black for $500.In this laptop i´d like to install visual,simatic Step 7,the hardware of omron,beckhoff and stuff like this.
-Do you thing that this computer in gonna have enough capacity to support this kind of hardwares?
-Do youn think that I need to buy HP windows 7 professional?
-Which kind of computer do you recommend my?It doesn´t matter if it is not HP.

That setup sounds good. If

That setup sounds good. If you are going to be using Windows 7 then I would recommend the Professional version.

Step 7, as I know, is not

Step 7, as I know, is not running yet on Windows 7.
Sombody is using Virtual PC under W7 and instal on them windows XP and Step 7.
I asked for notebook with possibility to downgrade to WinXP Prof.(I dont like Windows Vista). And I installed Win XP and on them Step 7. Im not happy with the solution but I need it.


I dont know how to connect the s7-300 station to the p-t-p connection in step7 , I use DC341 interface to establish the modbus connection but in newtork view it does not show the DC341 card .It only shows the s7-300 station and it doesn not connect to p-t-p .


Great post!!!

Good post. I’m been looking for topics as interesting as this.
Very informative and information presented very well,
i really liked reading your blog ehich has provided a great information about the Siemens SIMATIC programmer's handbook,I am very interested in programming a Siemens PLC and this hand book will be very beneficial for me.thanks for it.

S7 tool bar is small

I clicked on the tool bar and no when it opens all you can see is the X You cant see any of the tool bar icons. Anyone know how to correct this?

enjoyed my work

Your books really very helpful for programing. Now i enjoyed my work by using these books.
If any one need success in programing just read these books.

PLC Programmer

If you are looking for work and are good with programming Siemens 7, call Kelly at 616.974.3506. It is a first shift opportunity and it is located on the west side of Michigan.


Hi there,

I want to know, whether HMI functions can be replaced using a PC (a touch will be replaced by a mouse click)? Thanks


hi sir can any one plz suggest me the ebook foe scada....plz kindly do me this favor


please i need simulation software for s7/200


I am working with a milling machine and we are setting up a spindle unit changer. The acceptable position to do something is set on the HMI as a GUD. How do I call those values into the PLC functions in order to do some logic with them?

exchange info

hello everyone. if anyone needs help installing step7/wincc flexible or any software like this just leave me a message([email protected]). ok that's where i ofer my help but i also need your's. im new to using step 7 and i was wondering is you know where can i find some good training for it(written,video etc) i want to understand the basic's beyond the developemnt of the plc software. Thx in advance


I am newly entered here. Please if any new thoughts and logics regarding S7 please share with me also. Because I want to improve sematic my S7 knowledge

Help: How to make the siemes plc recall data over a specific tim

Hello, I am working on an S7 program for interfacing the PLC to a wind turbine. I need the PlC to get the average wind speed every 20 seconds, hence i need it to recall all data within that timeline. I have tried everything i can think of getting 10 different samples by using time pulses, trying the demultiplexer and tried the MOVE also(which keeps giving me an output different from the input). none has worked. Pls, can you tell me what logfic function can work without the noise that comes from refetching information from the analog unit. i am using an S7-1200 PLC. Thanks. Hoping to get a feedback soon