PLC Simulators


Fast and Easy PLC Control The object of a PLC simulator is to 'fake out' the input into a PLC so that the programmer can test and debug the program before installation into it's operating environment. Our patent pending PLC simulators achieve this by mounting on the existing terminal strip of the PLC card and providing easy controls to turn digital inputs on/off or adjust analog signals. If you are a engineer who programs PLCs or even a technician in need of a quick way to test a PLC functionality then these devices are for you. Save time, money and embarrassment by fixing problems before they start. These PLC simulators are for sale in our products section.

Parts Needed

For a case study let's suppose you have an Allen Bradley SLC500 digital input card (something like part number 1746-IB16). There are always at least two (in this case three) parts that you'll need:

  1. The customized adapter mount for the Allen Bradley card (part number DI-16-ABSLC500).
  2. The general digital input card that plugs into the mount (part number DI-8). Since this is a 16 input card we'll need two of these. Plug these units into the mount connected to the card.
PLC Simulator Components


  1. Attach the mount to the digital input card by unscrewing each terminal and sliding the posts into the matching terminals. Now tighten each terminal.
  2. Plug each of the digital simulator cards into the mount.
  3. With power off, connect 12/24VDC to IN and ground to COM on each digital simulator card. Reverse this for sourcing cards.
  4. Turn on the voltage. Now each switch controls one input into the card.


  1. Easy mounting means no messy rats nest of wires.
  2. Small compact boards mean no big expensive boxes with switches and knobs everywhere.
  3. Easily transported to other PLCs.
  4. Easily interchanged between different PLC manufacturers.
  5. Testing is done using the actual equipment not with software simulation or replacement simulation cards.
  6. Save money over software simulation.
AB SLC500 digital input simulator

Analog Simulation

The analog simulator mounts onto the PLC card in the same way but this time there are dials to adjust the voltage into the card.

PLC Analog Simulator

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