AutomationLS is a leader company in the distribution and provision of parts for instrumentation, automation and controls systems in several sectors including automotive assembly, nutritional, food and beverage, packing, pharmaceutical, metal mechanic, metallurgical, mining, paper industry, chemical, oil and gas, among others. was established in Tampa, Florida in 1995. From its beginnings has been known for establishing a successful balance between the careful attention to the client's needs, a wide variety in the products, expedient delivery, offering qualified technical support and competitive prices.

In our mission consists of creating a reliable long term business relationship with our clients, offering you excellent client servicing, fulfilling the provisions that your company needs promptly and to always provide the most competitive prices in the market. Allowing to each company to focus in their area of expertise resulting in an increase of productivity and client satisfaction.

Nowadays, with its main office in Miami, Florida, continues giving excellent service, at the same time always looking for ways to improve.