Local Automation

LocalAutomation.com is an interactive website designed specifically for the industrial automation industry. Our goal is to bring together 'users' and 'providers' of industrial automation technologies.

The automation industry is a complex, highly-specialized industry. A single automated machine can contain hundreds of intricate mechanical and electronic devices, each requiring specialized training to install, service, and support. Businesses that invest in automation understand the complexity of their investment and, as a result, often insist on purchasing automation products and services exclusively from local 'providers'.

If you are an automation 'provider', it can be a difficult task to build brand awareness and ensure that your products and services are always considered for projects in your local area.

If you are an automation 'user', it can be just as difficult to verify that you are using the best technologies... from the best local 'providers'... at a reasonable price.

LocalAutomation.com brings these two groups together with powerful tools for both!

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