The Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance

The Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) is a coalition of industrial end-user companies, technology suppliers, industry organizations, software developers, system integrators, and others interested in the advancement of wireless solutions for industry. Key aims of the group include:

  • Improving our understanding of the benefits of using wireless in industrial applications
  • Improving our confidence in wireless technology and access to solutions
  • Focusing on the end user

WINA is looking out for our interests by:

  • Influencing and supporting applicable standards
  • Developing user-friendly information materials
  • Forming industry partnerships to sponsor wireless plant demonstrations
  • Supporting Web-based education and demonstration projects
  • Certifying systems in specific applications
  • Demonstrating robustness and reliability
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Defining essential requirements and working with industry alliances and standards bodies to achieve them

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