Review of Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 Lite Programming Software

“Great taste. Less filling.”

Siemens Lite Beer

When one hears the words “Lite” and software you tend to think of software that’s not really usable. Depending on your needs this may not be the case with the Siemens STEP 7 Lite package. The four major limitations in STEP 7 Lite verses the more advanced STEP 7 package are:

  1. Support limited to the SIMATIC S7-300 PLC, the C7 all-in-one PLC and HMI, and the intelligent CPUs of the ET200 distributed I/O family. So no programming for the S7-200 or S7-400 PLC series.
  2. No networking whatsoever. Remote I/O racks (IM modules) are supported but there’s nothing for Profibus DP even if you have a DP port on your CPU.
  3. No support for multi-projects or HMI integration.
  4. No communication processors (CP) or function modules (FM) supported.

If you’re interested in more details then refer to our chart of differences between the Step 7 program packages. So there are quite a few major limitations with the Step 7 Lite software which may end your further reading of this review.

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Siemens Technical Terms

Otherwise known as Siemens speak. Here's a list of Siemens specific abbreviations and their meanings.

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Siemens Website Quick Links

This is a listing of tutorials and manuals found on the Siemens automation website that will get you started on the SIMATIC Step 7 software for S7-300 and S7-400 systems. From a new users perspective I’ve only heard disparaging comments about finding the right information on the Siemens’ website. I have to agree. Its information overload at it’s best. There’s a lot of different stuff there thrown together and found in different spots with very long URL addresses to add to the confusion.

Have no fear.  We’re here to help.  So we’ll look at the essentials for your journey. 

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Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 Programmer's Handbook

Siemens S7 Family

This handbook is a collection of programming overviews, notes, helps, cheat sheets and whatever that can help you (and me) program a Siemens PLC.

If you have experience with Siemens then please contribute.


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A Siemens S7-300 Trainer

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