Drives and Motion

  • RSLogix 5000 integrated motion supports camming, gearing, single-axis, and multi-axis instructions in Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, and Structured Text embedded in Sequential Function Charts.
  • Execute motion direct commands directly from the context menu for any configured motion axis. The motion direct commands let you control motion instruction execution without creating or adding logic. This can be useful when first commissioning an axis or drive.
  • To tune motor and drive parameters, such as gains for velocity and acceleration loops, as well as load dynamics, use the Tune tab or the MRAT and MAAT instructions. You can use the Tune tab in either Remote Program or Remote Run.
  • The software automatically populates some SERCOS drive parameters when you configure an Axis_Servo_Drive. Display the axis properties to view or edit these parameters.
  • In a SERCOS drive's configuration, you can change the number of counts returned per revolution to make the counts per inch or degree an rational number.
  • In a motion system, you can copy over all motion hardware from an existing project to a new project without losing any axis settings or tuning. First drag the motion control module over to the new project. Then, drag any drives, the Motion Group, and then the axes.

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