Features in RSLogix5000 Release 16

RSLogix5000 Version 16 Screen Shot


Rockwell Automation unveiled some significant additions to the Logix Control Platform at the Automation Fair event in Baltimore on Oct. 25, 2006. Further additions and improvements were detailed in a presentation on RSLogix5000 Version 16 as presented below.


Significant Enhancements


  • User Defined Add-on Instructions
  • FactoryTalk Alarming embedded in Logix Controller
  • Select FBD Language Enhancements
  • Auto-save & Recovery
  • Option to Force Usage of System Overhead Time Slice
  • New Controller Properties Report
  • User Defined Data type (UDT) XML
  • Tag Browser Enhancements
  • LD Shorted Branch verification warning and search option

Additional Software

  • FuzzyDesigner for RSLogix 5000
  • RSLogix 5000 DeviceNet Tag Generator
  • Logix5000 Clock Update Tool

Software Based Hardware

  • Integrated Drives Configuration
  • EtherNet/IP Unicast Produced/Consumed Tags
  • Allow run-time addition of Generic ControlNet and EtherNet/IP Modules
  • Logix5000 Firmware Supervisor
  • AutoFlash for Kinetix drives

New Hardware

  • 1756-L64 Controller (16 MB of user memory)
  • 1756-L62S GuardLogix Safety Controller
  • 1768-L4x Controller Platform
  • 1756-CN2/B and CN2R/B (Higher Performance)

Software Preview

Language Improvements

  • User Defined Add-on Instructions
  • FBD Increased sheet size, option to hide tag comments, and reduced block white-space
  • Ability to Display Values on Input Pins
  • FBD Delete Tags when instruction deleted
  • FBD Special Array Dialog Tab
  • FBD, SFC Instruction Defaults
  • Context-Sensitive instruction help
  • SFC routine overview option to allow it to remain visible
  • Programmatic access to select project names

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Auto-save & Recovery
  • Force Continuous Task Execution Time to ? 1 msec
  • Option to Force Usage of System Overhead Time Slice
  • Limited LINT Data type Support
  • Wall Clock Configuration Enhancements
  • New Controller Properties Report
  • Change tag name case via CSV Import
  • FBD and SFC text boxes CSV Import/Export
  • User Defined Data type (UDT) XML Import/Export
  • FactoryTalk Security Server Log On/Log Off
  • Tag Browser Enhancements
  • Tag Editor/Monitor Add Find All to row context menu
  • Condensed Output from Find All Operation
  • Force Status for SFC Action Indicator
  • Tag Editor Force Status Rollup to tag root
  • LD Shorted Branch verification warning and search option
  • Make Duplicate Destructive Bit detection the default setting
  • Task not updating outputs notification in controller organizer
  • Sort and filter capability added to PLC/SLC data mapping dialog
  • Resizable Horizontal Scrollbar for Routine Editors
  • Collapse/Expand Objects in Controller Organizer
  • Enhanced Cross-Reference
  • Source protected routines are now included in *.L5K
  • Generic ControlNet and EtherNet/IP Modules Enhancements
  • DF1 Radio Modem via CPU serial port
  • EtherNet/IP Unicast Produced/Consumed Tags
  • Logix5000 FirmwareSupervisor


  • More Optimized Default I/O Settings
  • Enhanced RSLogix 5000 Install
  • RSLogix 5000 Start Page - Quick Start
  • RSLogix 5000 Start Page - Learning Center
  • RSLogix 5000 Start Page - Resource Center
  • Sample Code Library Web Site

Controllers and I/O Improvements

I/O Configuration Enhancements (*)

  • Add Generic CNet & Enet Module in Run mode
  • EtherNet/IP reduced heartbeat frames
  • 1756-CN2/B and CN2R/B
  • 1756-DH485 DH485 Bridge
  • 1756-EN2F EtherNet/IP Fiber
  • 1794-AENT/B EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • 1794-OE12 (full profile)
  • 1794-IE8XOE4 (full profile)
  • 1440-ACNR XM ControlNet Adapter

Add-on-Profiles (*)

  • 1769-IF4I
  • 1769-OF4VI
  • 1769-OF4CI
  • 1769-IQ32T
  • 1769-OV32T
  • 1769-IF8 (Full profile)
  • 1769-OF8C (Full profile)
  • 1769-OF8V(Full profile)
  • 1769-ASCII Chart ">ASCII
  • PowerFlex 4-Class and 7-Class

ControlLogix Enhancements (*)

  • 1756-L64 Controller


  • Last release supporting 1769-L34

CompactLogix Enhancements (*)

  • 1768-EWEB (CompactLogix L43)
  • 1768-CNB, -CNB/R (CompactLogix L43)

SoftLogix Enhancements

RSLogix Emulate 5000 Enhancements


  • Support for New GuardLogix CPU
  • GuardLogix DeviceNet Generic Safety I/O Profile


Motion Functionality Additions

  • Kinematics - Phase 1 (1756-L6x controllers only)
  • Kinetix 2000 Profiles (*)
  • Integrated motors/actuators
  • Programmable Jerk Control
  • Fault System Enhancement - Fault Actions Only
  • AutoFlash for Kinetix Drives Over SERCOS
  • Analog Input Configuration (Kinetix 7000)
  • Induction Motor Database Additions for Kinetix 7000
  • Allow online changes in output CAM editor
  • MAM Move Type of Rotary Positive/Negative Only
  • Home to Torque (Kinetix 2000, 6000 and 7000)

RSI and Tools Preview

RSI Product Integration

  • FactoryTalk Licensing (activation)
  • Concurrent Licensing
  • FactoryTalk Alarming in CPU
  • FactoryTalk Security Login from RSLogix 5000
  • RSLogix Architect v2.0
  • RSLinx Classic 2.51

RSLogix 5000 Offering Additions

  • RSLogix 5000 Full Concurrent
  • PIDE Autotune Added to Full Edition
  • RSLogix 5000 Professional Edition Changes
  • Motion Support added to RSLogix 5000 Lite Edition
  • RSLogix GuardLogix 5000 Safety Editor
  • FuzzyDesigner for RSLogix 5000


  • RSLogix 5000 DeviceNet Tag Generator
  • Logix5000 Clock Update Tool

(*) Check for hardware availability

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