CERN PLC Support

This site is intended to provide support for users of Programmable Logic Controllers in the Research Sector.

The supported PLCs are primarily the general purpose PLCs of the manufacturers selected by the CERN PLC Working Group:

  • Siemens (contract CERN-SIEMENS. B1130A/GEN 01-08-1999);
  • Schneider (contract CERN-SCHNEIDER. B1129/GEN 12-11-1999);

In addition to general information about PLCs, developers can find examples describing how to program PLCs, to access special devices from PLCs, to integrate PLCs in the experiment DCS and FAQ.

The section helps users in:

  • Selecting the proper PLC hardware;
  • Using the programming environment;
  • Using special libraries;
  • Integrating the PLCs in DCS.

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