Education and Training - Online PLC Training

Our Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Technician Programs provide a complete technical introduction to PLCs, while giving you the practical knowledge and skills that you need to take to work and apply right away.Our Programmable Logic Controllers

    Technician Programs feature:

  • Full college accreditation
  • Start anytime flexibility
  • Self-paced learning
  • PLC virtual labs using simulation software
  • Technical and tutorial support, online and by phone
  • Online Exams

  • The PLC Professor

    The PLC Professor offers the complete PLCLearn series, a hands-on training system that will allow almost anyone to learn how to program a Programmable Logic Controller!

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    Safety Base

    The latest news and information about machine and process safety. You’ll be able to share ideas with colleagues across the country, stay current with compliance requirements, and read the latest case studies, white papers, and articles that can help you keep your people safe and your process moving.

    Automation Systems Security

    Automation systems security including both design and assessment services.

    CERN PLC Support

    This site is intended to provide support for users of Programmable Logic Controllers in the Research Sector.

    The supported PLCs are primarily the general purpose PLCs of the manufacturers selected by the CERN PLC Working Group:

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    Machine Tool Help

    Help and advice all in one place. Whether you are buying selling or repairing a new, used, machining center, CNC lathe, CNC router or any other type of machine tool, we can point you in the right direction. Avoid mistakes, downtime, and make important educated decisions.

    TW Controls

    An integration company specializing in designing, building, and installing Electrical Control Systems, Programming PLC and HMI products, networking, plant wide SCADA systems and much more. We look forward to helping you accomplish your automation goals

    The ABCs of PLCs

    Introductory PLC tutorial for sale.

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    SOFTwerk Professional Automation GmbH

    SOFTwerk is an Austrian based automation engineering firm that also provides training for Siemens S7 PLCs.

    ATS Applied Tech Systems

    ATS is The Independent Solution Provider for Industrial, Process and Information Technology users world-wide. We provide products and services for all three levels of the automation pyramid; control, execution and information. ATS is an innovative, strategic knowledge partner offering six areas of expertise:

    • Programming Languages
    • Manufacturing Execution Systems
    • Control Technologies
    • SCADA*/HMI**
    • Communication & Networks
    • Databases

    Since foundation in 1986, we have developed six business activities specifically designed to support the full lifecycle of automation and IT systems: