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Our Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Technician Programs provide a complete technical introduction to PLCs, while giving you the practical knowledge and skills that you need to take to work and apply right away.Our Programmable Logic Controllers

    Technician Programs feature:

  • Full college accreditation
  • Start anytime flexibility
  • Self-paced learning
  • PLC virtual labs using simulation software
  • Technical and tutorial support, online and by phone
  • Online Exams

  • ControlDraw

    ControlDraw provides software for designing and documenting process automation systems, PLC, DCS and SCADA. You can use ControlDraw to:
    Quickly Draw SFC, PFC, SAMA, Logic and Graphic diagrams and more.
    Build Models - hierarchically linked diagrams which you can drill down from a high level overview to the smallest level of detail.
    Design state oriented modules such as S88 Equipment Modules
    Design graphics for HMI's
    Record data for each of the objects on your diagram, including IO lists, Tag databases and more
    Generate Complete Requirement, Design and Design Specifications

    Cape Software

    Cape Software Inc. has been providing hundreds of customers worldwide with a cost effective approach to dynamic process simulation since 1991.

    Our Flagship product, VP Link®, is a proven solution for testing and operator training needs. Our simulation environment connects to your offline control system (s) and provides it with real-time Virtual Process® feedbacks. An integrated OPC server makes the VP Link simulation integration with your corporate applications virtually seamless.

    Real Games

    Interactive Training System for PLC

    Based on the latest PC technology, ITS PLC makes PLC training easy and fun. Virtual environments have never been so real, featuring cutting-edge 3D real-time graphics, physics, sound and total interactivity. The result is an immersive simulated environment that allows highly realistic training scenarios, without any risk of injury to man or damage to machine.

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    FasTrak SoftWorks

    FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc. was incorporated in 1995. Located just outside of Milwaukee in Mequon, Wisconsin, we serve more than 20,000 customers worldwide with software designed to save time and money by streamlining operations.

    FasTrak is an industry leader. We offer one of the world's most innovative CMMS and EAM software products. We were the first company to offer PLC programming software for the PC in a Windows

    Control Station

    Control Station has a long history of providing innovative solutions and delivering tangible value. Our products and services have helped companies across the process industries to improve their control.


    Manufacturer of OEM PLC boards and HMIs. They also offer a PLC software simulator. - PLC Simulator

    Free generic online PLC simulator.

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    Automatic Technology Sequence

    Software simulator for Omron and Mitsubishi.

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