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OPC Server and connector vendor. Easy to use OPC Servers to connect to devices including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Modbus, and more.

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VersionWorks automatically backs up and recovers a wide range of programs for automation-related controllers and components, such as SPS, NC, HMI, and robots, including version tracking and documentation. VersionWorks automates the manual process of working with software versions, which to date has always been liable to errors. VersionWorks can be used in any sector of industry and with equipment from any manufacturer for all automation components. So you need just ONE tool for ALL your automation devices.

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Cape Software

Cape Software Inc. has been providing hundreds of customers worldwide with a cost effective approach to dynamic process simulation since 1991.

Our Flagship product, VP Link®, is a proven solution for testing and operator training needs. Our simulation environment connects to your offline control system (s) and provides it with real-time Virtual Process® feedbacks. An integrated OPC server makes the VP Link simulation integration with your corporate applications virtually seamless.

S7 Tools

The S7-Tools site is created in october 2006 by a group of experienced Step7 users.

We want to make this site a collection of S7 related articles. We publish our own articles, publish articles of other users and supply you with links to other Simatic related sites that might be interesting for you.

With our news flashes we keep you up to date with the latest Simatic S7 related information so you don't have to browse all articles yourself to find the S7 related news.

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Softing North America, Inc.

Softing is a global and independent technology provider for fieldbus systems, industrial Ethernet, and diagnostic tools. Our industrial communications technology increases the competitiveness of our customers and strengthens the reliability of their automation processes. We are proud of the fact that so many of our international customers call us their "partner".

EXELE Information Systems

EXELE Information Systems, Inc. is a consulting and software engineering company that specializes in manufacturing applications such as real-time process control. Founded in 1978, EXELE is an OSISoft Partner and OPC Foundation Member.


EXELE provides software engineering, products, and consulting in the areas of:


CimQuest INGEAR developes OPC Server software, .NET Drivers, Instrumentation, Graphics and ActiveX controls for PLC communication

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Irai Software

Automation software, PLC programming, SCADA, realistic 3D process simulation with physical engine, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronic simulation (with AUTOMSIM optional module). The most powerful AUTOMATION software in the world

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MYNAH Technologies

MYNAH Technologies' products and solutions reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of connecting the digital plant. MYNAH products include:

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The PLC Code Generator

The PLC Code Generator (patent pending) is a revolutionary new software application that automatically generates tedious ladder logic programs for simple and complex machine processes controlled via Allen-Bradley, Omron or Siemens PLC processors.  Program your discrete machines, whether they be stand-alone or multi-station dial tables, gantries, or conveyor systems.

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