Kepware Technologies

Kepware specializes in OPC and device-communication technologies for the industrial automation market. With over 10 years of steady progress, Kepware Technologies has become a trusted source of genuine connectivity products based on open standards. We are an active member of the OPC Foundation and we are committed to its goal of ensuring interoperability in automation. Every day, customers worldwide rely on Kepware products and experience for the connectivity needs of their industrial applications. Our KEPServerEX product suite is a single OPC server with over 100 available plug-in device drivers for a wide variety of PLCs, databases, and systems. KEPServerEX has become the industrial connectivity standard for automation professionals around the globe.

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KepServerEX is a good

KepServerEX is a good package for connecting to PLCs. It's pluggable architecture and reasonable pricing allow projects to come in successfully under budget. I've had a great experience with Kepware. Their 2 hour trial also helps test the product.