Inductive Automation Checklist

I'm a big believer in checklists. Mainly because I forget things and I know I'm not alone. It's always nice when a manufacturer supplies helpful examples. A case in point is Inductive Automation's installation checklist for FactorySQL / FactoryPMI based systems. Not only does it have many points for installation and start up but it also provides a glossary.

Here is what their introduction says,

The installation and maintenance of FactorySQL/FactoryPMI based systems involves a wide range of technologies. Each normal installation consists of at least 4 components: FactorySQL, FactoryPMI, an OPC server and a database. Given that each component has its own set of requirements and caveats, it is important to have an organized game plan when implementing and installing a project.

Many users focus exclusively on the task of designing and implementing a project, forgetting to create a plan for installation, startup and beyond. In addition, some users may not be completely familiar with each of the technologies employed in the overall system, leading to confusion as to how they all connect and what is required for installation and recovery. Though this document does not help explain each piece of technology, it is designed to take some of the stress out of startup by providing a checklist of the most important tasks. This list is broken into two parts: installation and startup. Installation covers the configuration of the main components, while startup focuses on disaster-recovery. These lists can help ensure the implementor that they have covered all of the bases, including some subtle ones that may have otherwise been overlooked.

A small glossary is also provided below, providing cursory background information on the main checklist points. It is not intended to be a complete source of information, only to provide helpful context for each point. Once the implementor is familiar with the list, only the first few pages of this document need to be printed for each project.

You can view the full check list here.