Human Machine Interface

Case Study: Water and Waste Water Plants

Courtesy of: Inductive Automation

Water and Waste Water Plants Transform Using Web-Launched, Java-Based SCADA Software

Professionals in the water and waste water management field face a series of difficult challenges as they seek to stabilize and expand their service delivery capabilities, while at the same time meeting the regulatory reporting requirements of the state. As if that were not enough, they must accomplish this in the current economic environment facing local governments. Managers clearly need better ways of doing business and an economic model which will give them the functionality and scalability required at a price point that does not break the budget.

Case Study: Bronco Wine Company

Courtesy of: Inductive Automation

Weaving it all together with Web Technology

Bronco Wine Company, Ceres, CA (the producer of “Two-buck Chuck”) uses FactoryPMI for enterprisewide process monitoring, control, and troubleshooting. It was a business decision to use this technology, and is paying off handsomely for the Franzia family-owned business.

Inductive Automation Checklist

I'm a big believer in checklists. Mainly because I forget things and I know I'm not alone. It's always nice when a manufacturer supplies helpful examples. A case in point is Inductive Automation's installation checklist for FactorySQL / FactoryPMI based systems. Not only does it have many points for installation and start up but it also provides a glossary.

Connecting IFIX SCADA to Siemens S7 using TCP/IP

Setting up an S7 connection using TCP/IP

The TCP/IP method of communication to the S7-300 and S7-400 PLC's via TCP/IP communication module uses the S7WIN, S7WINSP, S7NT, or S7NTSP protocol.