Programmable Logic Controllers makes the Cheapest, Smallest PLCs on the market. PLCs start at $49. Our PLCs are less than half the size of the next smallest PLCs on the market. Programming is done with vBuilder, a free and very powerful software package. We offer Free Support and Free Shipping on most orders.

Fatek Automation Corp

Fatek Automation is a manufacturer and developer of Programmable Controllers (PLC) in Taiwan. Our R&D team have least 14years experience engaged in the PLC field. The indisputable quality and reliability that was demanded the PLC market in the world, has now been inaugurated in our own new generation PLC line.


The eAutomation Group is a pioneer in eAutomation technology; combine connectivity, flexibility and ruggedness with today's most reliable PC-based automation, including: Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), M2M (Machine to Machine), and Fieldbus Communications.

Allen Bradley

Large manufacturer of power, control and information systems and services.

Automation Direct

AutomationDirect is a direct seller of automation and industrial control products such as PLCs, sensors, pushbuttons, AC drives/motors, enclosures, operator interfaces, and much more.