Controls Weekly Review

Links to thousands of free online educational resources for the controls and automation industry.

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Automation Minutes

The defacto podcast on factory automation by Gary Mintchell, Automation World editor-in-chief

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Spanish automation web site.
Recursos y noticias sobre el mundo la Automatizaci

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Lammert Bies

Lammert Bies is an automation professional with some great tutorials on serial communication and cabling.

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Automation Notebook

AutomationDirect's newsletter website with product info, application stories and PLC programming tips.

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Arthur Engineering, Inc.

Located near Sacramento in Elk Grove, California, Arthur Engineering is an Electrical and Control Systems Consulting firm that has built its reputation by providing personalized attention to each and every project. Our wide range of experience and creativity has enabled us to become a valuable resource for a variety of clients, large and small. We have successfully designed or developed electrical power distribution systems, process controls and safety systems, lighting systems, energy conservation programs and long-term planning projects.

Jim Pinto

Jim Pinto's (bio) collected writings, articles, essays and satirical poems on technical and business topics.

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Control Guru

This site offers information and discussion about automatic process control. Much of the focus will be on PID control and related architectures such as cascade, feed forward, Smith predictors, multivariable decoupling, and similar traditional and advanced classical strategies. Occasional exploration into newer technologies such as neural networks, dynamic matrix control and such will depend on member interest.

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Automatas Industriales

Spanish automation web site with resources and a forum covering all manufacturers.

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Sensor Central

Keyence's knowledge base and descriptions of all types of sensors and control devices (even PLCs).